“Let me tell you about a boy named Doogle…”

The journey of Doogle's Donuts began in a home kitchen, where founders Christian and Grace poured their hearts and creativity into perfecting the art of donut-making. 

“Back in 2019 Grace and I went travelling for six months, and we saw so many different colours, cultures, different flavoured foods and we got inspired along the way. I’m a coffee head, I love coffee- it makes my world go round, and I knew I always wanted to do something with coffee. The last place we landed was Australia, we have family over there and they told us about an incredible donut shop, so we travelled for 45 minutes to visit it. The concept and flavours were like nothing we’d ever seen before, and that was the start of our donut journey.”

With a vision to create a haven of sweetness, they embarked on a mission to blend traditional recipes with innovative flavours. What emerged were donuts that transcend the ordinary, sparking joy in every delightful bite.

“When we returned to the UK I was a full-time musician doing 15 gigs a week, and then lockdown hit. No more gigs. I ended up delivering pizzas just to make ends meet, and I drove past a shop in Prescot with a ‘to let’ sign outside. I thought “That would make a good donut shop”. Something in me just knew I could make it work. I spoke to my friend Daniel – an avid baker – and asked if he was interested in getting involved. Daniel’s nickname in school was Doogle, and I told him if you research the donuts and how to make them, I will build the shop. Grace was working full time in her job, and weekends with me developing menus, fitting out the shop and hiring a team.”

The first store opened in 2020 in Prescot and was an overnight success with the local community who queued round the block for Doogle’s Donuts. The store sold out every day and gathered over 20,000 followers on social media. 

“It's been four years and we haven’t stopped. We now have five stores, and our very own dedicated donut factory. We’re ridiculously proud of our little donut shop, and delighted to be able to share our creations with you.”